Don’t Tweet Your Lady Bits…

13 Jun

The whole Anthony Weiner thing has me chuckling at the sheer ridiculousness of it all, but it’s also pretty gross. How a government official nowadays could think that such actions wouldn’t come to light is absurd to me, especially if your name is Weiner, I mean come on, media gold! I must say, I can’t imagine a female representative doing the same thing. Admittedly I’m struggling with the fact that, this notion of mine is a bit sexist. It’s not that I think women can’t also be egotistical and promiscuous, but I just can’t picture (no pun intended) any female government official tweeting, or whatever, pictures of her vagina. And actually, I think that partially has to do with my last post and how media and popular discourse generally avoid the vagina and in a way it is treated as something dirtier, which is not right or ok, but maybe that’s why I simply don’t see this type of scandal happening with a woman anytime soon. Boob pics and lewd conversation sure, but no genitals. I don’t see any female politicians aspiring to be the next Georgia O’Keeffe model.


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