Well, yes, this thing you did is wrong

16 Jul



Don’t Tweet Your Lady Bits…

13 Jun

The whole Anthony Weiner thing has me chuckling at the sheer ridiculousness of it all, but it’s also pretty gross. How a government official nowadays could think that such actions wouldn’t come to light is absurd to me, especially if your name is Weiner, I mean come on, media gold! I must say, I can’t imagine a female representative doing the same thing. Admittedly I’m struggling with the fact that, this notion of mine is a bit sexist. It’s not that I think women can’t also be egotistical and promiscuous, but I just can’t picture (no pun intended) any female government official tweeting, or whatever, pictures of her vagina. And actually, I think that partially has to do with my last post and how media and popular discourse generally avoid the vagina and in a way it is treated as something dirtier, which is not right or ok, but maybe that’s why I simply don’t see this type of scandal happening with a woman anytime soon. Boob pics and lewd conversation sure, but no genitals. I don’t see any female politicians aspiring to be the next Georgia O’Keeffe model.


9 Jun

Lately I’ve been struck by how much the female body seems to be treated and regarded with such shame, often not outright, but the underlying notions of shame seem almost inescapable.

This morning I was surfing the radio, and I think what I came upon was a christian talk show or something, but I stopped because they were discussing eating disorders, I suppose specifically among christian girls. The talk touched upon the role of shame and its relation to eating disorders, be it shame of the body or shame of the disordered habits of trying to control your body, which is kind of ultimately shame of the body. Then, this evening I read about the recent wave of activist slutwalks, and it gets me thinking about shame and the female body some more. The fact that the media bombards us with unrealistic bodily ideals isn’t exactly breaking news. Women (and men too, but not in the same way or to the same degree in my opinion) are often made to feel shameful about their bodies that fail to measure up to those of models and actresses/actors, etc. This makes it easier to sell you things that you hope will make your body better and less shameful. But then, much of victim blaming shames bodies for being attractive or trying to be attractive. If you aren’t hot you should be ashamed and do as much as possible to be hot, but once you’re hot or if you are already hot you should be ashamed of showing it or wanting to show it because you are being sleazy and asking for trouble.

I think the slutwalks are really a great idea and prove that women are still very much an active force in challenging popular, and misguided sexist notions and the shaming of bodies, especially the female body. My body serves just about the same general purpose as my husband’s, except that mine has a couple of things for potentially having children. What’s the big deal? Why does everyone care so much more about the female body? Why is it more controversial? Why is it made to be more shameful?

Show Me Your Lady Bits

5 Jun

Well, I’m starting this blog just as a place to voice my thoughts on gender…stuff